The Herd

by Coldharbour

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Chris Wightman
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Chris Wightman Wow, instant buy! Production on here is tight with lots of low end. Music is heavy with great grooves and phat riffs. Vocals for this sound are on point and finishes off the doom sound nicely. Kick Ass! Favorite track: The Herd.
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released December 20, 2018

All material written and preformed by Coldharbour
Mixed and mastered at Hollowed Studios by Connor Reibling and Andrew Zink
Artwork done by PJ Mc Tiernan at Hollowed studios


all rights reserved


Track Name: Snowflake
Since when do my borders need to be left down for the likes of you?
Your accolades mean shit to me and you can’t get a clue
A cadence unbroken, truth engulfs your mind.
Your reality-omnipresence becomes materialized.

The lies, the guilt,
Convince me now.
Convince me.

You’re frustrated for setting me up for failure?
This snowflake child has something to say.
I didn’t ask for your handouts,
You can throw that shit the fuck away

Throw it all away

Convince yourself
That you have nothing left to gain
Impoverished by your wealth and fame.
Beaten black and blue
By the red, white, and blue

Convince yourself
Track Name: Torture Cycle
Torture cycle begins,
I'm not afraid to say I rarely win.
I'm not a fraction, I can't have it all.
The egocentric found under glass walls.

You're not perfect, you're just a human being,
You're not a God, you're just attention-seeking.
Aren't you tired of wearing someone else's world on your shoulders?

Torture cycle begins,
I'm not afraid to say I rarely win.
I'm not a fraction, I can't have it all.
The egocentric found under glass walls.

Will you listen now?

Remember all the times you made me carry all of your weight?
Too bare on bone because you're always doubling down on your hate.
And you have the opportunity to change it,
But you hang onto grudges and have others arrange it.

Remember all the times I carried your weight?
Dead inside by holding onto all of your fucking hate.
And you have the opportunity to change it,
Criticism outweighs support, will you ever change it?

Torture cycle begins,
I'm not afraid to say I rarely win.
I'm not a fraction, I can't have it all.
The egocentric found under glass walls.

Oh no, no
Be careful where you stand,
You'll never have it all
Piece of shit, bitch
Track Name: Cannibal
Set it off

Not that you ever learned a thing or two about boundaries
Incapable of seeing past your priorities
I rest my fucking case

Done with playing the victim,
I knew you used to care
But I’m done taking the fall
For what wasn’t ever there

I’m not angry anymore
And I hate to feel like I let you down
I’m just disappointed
That you sank the ship and left me to drown

I’ve lifted the gates to my heart,
I let you in
And you clutched on and drained me of my better self

If I’m that worthless,
Tell me how you got this far
If I’m uncaring,
Then how the fuck are you where you are x2

I guess you need to hold onto a grievance just to know that you can still feel something, though it’s not ideal.
I’d rather feel the draw of a blade than be numb to the circumstance, I’d rather feel.

I’ll never be your one and only.
Our circumstance is flawed.
But the truth still remains,
You’ll always be a fraud.
Track Name: Slugma
You’ll never get enough of yourself

Some kind of vile creation
Weakened by your contamination

Who the fuck do you think you are?

A little scumbag, know nothing, do nothing fuck

Where the fuck are you at?

Squirmy little half-brained fuck
You’re just spicy flavored Muk
I’ll wipe that grin right off your face,
An embarrassment to the human race

Your time is running out,
Your age is dulling down
You love to run your mouth,
But you won’t stand your ground.

Run away.

Rest in peace to the crybaby
Whiney goo, won’t stop complaining
Piss and moan, barely grown,
No hope for salvation for the rest of your life

Yeah, you slimy piece of shit

Animal, control me now
Abort protocol, so you can sleep at night

Rest in piss
Track Name: The Herd
I’m finished being dishonest for the sake of who the world wants me to be
I’m living honest to myself for the sake of my mother fucking sanity
There are way too many sniveling whiny brats for me to continue degrading my fucking brain

Don’t fall asleep
You may have a dream

Metal elitists, pathetic defeatists
Ready to accept word of mouth as fate
Building personas, wretched excuses
Make your life hell when you’re handed a piece of cake

Blasting acronyms at the end of every thought like it justifies your lack of having thoughts,
Synchronize freedom of speech with internalizing blasphemy

No you can’t hold yourself together
When you accept lies as your truth
Conspiracy creators,
Middle fingers out to you

I won’t hold back thoughts,
I’ll only tear yours down
You’re a reasoning terrorist
You’ll never be profound

You can try and prove your point
But you’ll always finish last
Try to prove you’re not a waste of space,
You’ll always finish last

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