Sarkophagus - Fatal Regret (Single)

by Sarkophagus

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released August 25, 2014

Mixed and mastered by Connor Reibling



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fatal Regret (Single)
In a single moment
My fate diverts to a destination of doom

Everything I've built is crumbling
My world is melting down to a liquid boil

How can I survive in this sea of sorrow?
Gasping for every breath as it pours into my lungs

I can't breathe
I'm choking
Drowning in the
Failure of my dreams

Trying everything to
Escape these memories
That clutch to me
Like parasites
Life sucking fiends

They torture me beyond my darkest fantasies
My mind is spiraling out of control

I cannot stop myself
From taking my life into my own hands
I pry my veins from my wrist
Instantly my mind explodes in ecstasy paired with regret

I was so sure
This is what I wanted
Death always seemed so pure

But this is not the answer
I must fight to stay alive

Growing colder
No matter what I try
I can't stop the bleeding

How could it come to this?
Please God no
Don't let me die

How can I survive
This painful end in demise?
Gasping for every breath
As it pours of out my lungs

I can't breathe
I'm choking
Drowning in a river of misery

Trying everything to
Escape these memories
And as I resist
I finally succeed

As my heart slows
I realize
How I could survive and
Thrive throughout my life
But now I've run out of time

I close my eyes
My body and I divide